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It all started when...

I prayed that God please bring ministry to my creative calling. I wanted to do more, I wanted to give back, I wanted to do more than just take pictures, I wanted to tell a story. I asked for God to help me do more. I wanted to use my lens for good. Shortly after I saw a video on Facebook by Michelle Gifford talking about Beauty Revived. I wanted to know more about this Beauty Revived thing! 

Being a part of the Beauty Revived family is by far one of the most rewarding callings in my photography career. When I started my business, I asked God to please bless me with an opportunity to use my lens to glorify Him, days later I learned about Beauty Revived! 

What is Beauty Revived you may ask? YES! I am glad you asked.. Let me tell you all about it!

Beauty Revived was founded by Michelle Gifford, of Michelle Gifford Photography. Michelle believed as photographers we are called do to so much more than just take pictures, we are called to use our lens for good. And you know what? There is SO much good out there! Every quarter Beauty Revived teams up with 50 photographers and highlights women and children from all over the nation with real beauty. Beauty Revived also teams up with other organizations to spotlight these women as they are published in a national magazine. Each campaign is unique. Some of the campaigns in the past have been 5O Beautiful Mothers, Children, Adoption Stories, High School Seniors , Teachers and the current campaign is 50 Beautiful Children! 

I have had the honor to  participate in the 2015 & 2016 50 Beautiful Seniors Campaign, the 2015 Beautiful Mothers and 2016 Beautiful Teachers. This year I have joined the Beauty Revived Team and I am organizing the 50 Beautiful Mothers' campaign will be more hands on with the photographers who are participating!  

Makayla and I talking about her Beauty Revived experience on the Good Morning Tampa Bay show!  Watch HERE!

Makayla and I talking about her Beauty Revived experience on the Good Morning Tampa Bay show! Watch HERE!


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I am currently looking for nomination for a beautiful child for the 50 Beautiful Children's campaign in Richmond, Virginia OR Tampa, Fl and surrounding areas.  If you know of a child in the Richmond or Tampa area who has made a difference in the community by inspiring those around him or her, radiating beauty from the inside out, a child who has shown a giving spirit and love to all those around them, then please nominate him or her in the link below. 

Your nominee will have a photography session donated  by me,  :) He or she will be featured on the Beauty Revived Blog and website, he or she will also be a published in the Beauty Revived Magazine, 50 Beautiful Children.

If you have any questions about the campaign, please feel free to contact me! Also please check out the Beauty Revived website and FB page! 

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