Class of 2017

A Little Love..


Working with Katrina has truly been a blessing to me. I myself am an amateur photographer, so I love the idea that photos document something that may never occur again but can also document the ordinary in a true, good, and beautiful way. Often the things we do everyday seem so mundane, but Katrina has a way of bringing these things into a new and beautiful light. Senior photos are supposed to reflect who you are in "real life," not just a face you put on to look good. Katrina took time to get to know me and all the members of her team. We weren't simply a marketing tool to help her fill up all of her senior photography sessions. Her true love for her work and her team made this experience one I will never forget and gave me friends to last a lifetime.



Having Katrina Boone as my photographer has not only been such a blessing but it has also created so many strong and great friendships. The unique way Katrina captures my personality through pictures is exactly what I was searching for and I'm so grateful that I found that through her.  Her precise hand gives you a selection of so many different kinds of pictures and that's what I truly love about her work.



Working with Katrina made me extremely comfortable to be in front of the camera for my senior pictures. Her amazing talent captured my personality flawlessly. I absolutely loved taking photos with Katrina and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Gianna Grace Photography will be my go-to photographer for every important event in my life.


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