About Picture Day! 


This year's pictures will be ordered online through our Shootproof galleries or by paper order form! Paper & online order forms are due by Friday, April 26th. Online orders will be live through May 31st. Please note: Orders placed after April 26th will not be eligible for package prices. All items will be available a la carte.  Please note: online orders placed after Friday, April 26th will be charged a shipping fee and pictures will be delivered directly to your home. Pictures cannot be shipped to a Post Office Box.

**Pictures in your galleries are only for viewing purposes. Pictures in galleries are not to be shared or screen shot to share via social media unless digital image (not print) is purchased. It is a copyright violation and illegal to do so. All digital negatives come with a print/share release.**

PASSWORD is the first three letters of child's last name and the number 18. Example Williams would be WIL18  


PACKAGES(not AVAILABLE after 4/26)

Package A  $32 ($4 savings) 

  • 8 wallets

  • 4-4x6

Package B  $35 ($9 savings)

  • 4- 4x6

  • 2- 5x7

Package C  $45 ($12 savings)

  • 8 wallets

  • 4- 4x6

  • 2- 5x7

Package D $55 ($11 savings)

  • 8 wallets

  • 4- 4x6

  • 2- 5x7

  • 1- 8x10

Package E $65 ($11 savings) 

  • 4- 4x6

  • 4- 5x7

  • 1- 8x10



  • 8 wallets $12

  • 2 - 3.5x5 $6

  • 4x6 $6

  • 5x7 $10

  • 8x10 $15


Digitals are sold as a set, all pictures in the gallery. They are not sold individually.

  • Individual Student- Complete Gallery $50

  • Siblings (both graduating) - Complete Gallery $75


pw: wump



HAIR- When grooming your child's hair for pictures, please keep in mind we will need place the cap on your child's head. Certain hair styles ( buns, pig tails starting at the top of the head) make it difficult to place the cap on and make it look natural on your child. Please have hair styles that will flow and not obstruct the cap.

CLOTHING-  There will be one full body fun picture and the gown does not fully cover the child's outfit, please keep this in mind when dressing your child that you may want it to be something on the bottom that compliments the gown. Nice shoes, Nice bottoms, skirts, stockings, etc . 


What to wear - The below is Applicable to FALL PICTURES ONLY

You know your child best, so dress them in comfortable clothes that will make their personality shine! 
If you need a little help, here are a few more ideas for Picture Day.

Accessory Ideas

Accessories shouldn't overwhelm your child, but instead enhance their cuteness! 

Children look especially adorable in fun hats, vests and jackets, and don't forget about their shoes - they will show in full length poses.

Layers and Textures

Dress your child in lace, ruffles, ribbons, etc. 

Layers add dimension and great texture to the portrait.

Sibling Picture Ideas

Coordinate, but don't feel like they have to match. 

Choose a color palette you love and coordinate both children's outfits!

No time to shop?

Denim pants or skirts with plain, solid colored t-shirts are a classic look!

Frequently Asked Questions


School photo day with Gianna Grace will be a little different than what you might be used to from a school photo company. The information on this page is designed to help you get an idea of what to expect. If you need additional information please feel free to contact us.! 

How does it work:

We photograph every child at school. We spend a few minutes with each child. Gone are the days of sit, smile, click, next. ! After teaching art and language arts for 9 years and serving as a preschool director for 5 years, I have spent quality time with all ages and have a gift with children. I do my best to elicit genuine smiles – even if it means wearing a lobster hat. When your children are with me, I never push. I give gentle instructions and allow their expressions to emerge while we photograph.!

What if my child gets upset:

It happens. We will work through it. 

Some children are frightened by the set up of the backdrop or the newness of the situation. I do my best to comfort each child and allow them to warm up to the idea of having their photo taken. Some children like to watch their friends have their turn and some prefer to bring their special ‘Lovie’ with them. I read each situation and respect each child’s needs. There are some times that I desist in favor of not upsetting a child. If you have any information you wish to share with us before photo day please feel free to inform your child’s teacher and I will do my best to integrate it into our session. This is one of the main reasons that I believe in seeing your proofs before you purchase. If you don’t like your photos, you are under no obligation to buy.

Do you groom the children:

No. We ask the teachers to help with simple grooming tasks (i.e. fixing hairdos that have come undone or tucking in shirts). If you want your child’s hair combed please send a comb and make sure their teacher knows what you want. You can feel free tosend a note with any special requests (i.e. glasses off etc.) and I’ll do our best to accommodate.! !

Can you photoshop out the stain on my child’s shirt (etc.):

Try it as we might, there are just some hairs that won’t stay in place or spots on shirts that can’t be hidden by cropping. While we do edit every photo for proper exposure and color before we upload it to your gallery, we will sometimes miss little spots. Please feel free to contact me after your gallery is up if something is missed. There is a small editing fee for minor edits. 

How many photos should I expect in my gallery:

That depends. We do our best to photograph each child in multiple poses to give you as many options as possible. Some children are hesitant or frightened and in those cases we focus on making sure we get at least one relaxed expression. However, most times we are able to offer 2-3 choices in your gallery. We continue with multiple poses only when the children are responding positively. With younger children you should expect fewer poses as we tend to keep them in one spot and aim for multiple expressions. Older children are typically more receptive to attempting different poses. If another mom shares with you that she had six images in her gallery and you only have three, the reason is almost certainly one of two things: either your child was struggling and after multiple gentle attempts we felt that we were upsetting him/her; or I felt I captured a great expression and didn’t want to push any further. Please know that I have your child’s best interest in mind at all times.! !!

  • Q: When will my child's portraits be delivered?

    A:Paper orders & online orders delivered to school are due by Nov 9th. Will be delivered to WUMP and delivered the week after Thanksgiving break.

    *If you place an online order by Nov 9th you will not be charged shipping and pictures will be delivered to WUMP, order after Nov 9 and through December 14th will be charged shipping and delivered straight to your home.

  • Q: When do I need to pay for portraits?

    A: Pictures can be paid for online or through the front office if you would like to pay with a check. All orders must be paid in full by Nov 9th or you will be charged a shipping charge to have your pictures shipped to your home. 

  • Q: How do I pay for the portraits?

    A: We offer a variety of payment options. Our online gallery order form accepts ACH and credit card payments. You can also pay by check to the front office.

  • Q: How can I order more portraits and/or products?

    A: All photo galleries will be "live" (open for ordering) until December 14th, once galleries have been taken down you may request a gallery to be extended for another 30 days for a $15 fee, you will also be charged for shipping and handling to have all pictures mailed to your house.

  • Q: Can I get a copyright release on my child's photograph?

    A: Gianna Grace Photography has a copyright designed to protect images it takes, similar to the policies used by movie makers, video producers and writers. Customers may purchase their high resolution digital images which grants them the use of their images for legal, noncommercial purposes and for print release.

  • Q: If I purchase digital items and decide I don't like them, may I get a refund?

    A: No, unfortunately all digital items are final sale items. 

  • Q: Can I post a picture of my child online?

    A: You may and we LOVE for you so share, as long as you have purchased the high-resolution digital images. It is a copyright violation and illegal to post screen shots of your gallery or scan your print portraits to reprint or post online. All high resolution images come with a print release and rights to post online!